Vorba lunii – Noiembrie 2008

„Yes, we can!” – B. Obama

Mi-au placut tare mult cuvintele lui Obama rostite cu patos in discursul de dupa alegerile prezidentiale din US. Publicul adunat in Grant Park din Chicago radia de speranta si optimism asa cum sade bine natiunii americane.

Intr-un final America a aratat inca o data ca poate sa se autodepaseasca. Alegerea unui presedinte de (semi)culoare este ceva inca de neimaginat in Europa dar uite ca perfect realizabil in America.

Krugman despre germani si americani

Krugman mi-a atras atentia in ultima vreme. Stiam ca e un editorialist renumit la NYT si mai citeam din cand in cand un articol dar nu insistam. In fine, de cand cu Nobelul luat anul asta a devenit si mai vizibil si mai interesant…:)

Imi place „teoria” referitoare la economia germana si cea americana:

„Well, here’s my theory: The real divide between currently successful economies, like the U.S., and currently troubled ones, like Germany, is not political but philosophical; it’s not Karl Marx vs. Adam Smith, it’s Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperative vs. William James’ pragmatism. What the Germans really want is a clear set of principles: rules that specify the nature of truth, the basis of morality, when shops will be open, and what a Deutsche mark is worth. Americans, by contrast, are philosophically and personally sloppy: They go with whatever seems more or less to work. If people want to go shopping at 11 P.M., that’s okay; if a dollar is sometimes worth 80 yen, sometimes 150, that’s also okay.”

Mda, categoriile imperative ale lui Kant si pragmatismul lui James are fi posibile explicatii ale diferentelor in evolutia economiilor germane si americane. Hmm, filozofia functioneaza inca…